• Digital artist - Image retoucher - Photoshop geek - Problem solver - Creative thinker - Nice guy
    It all started a long time ago in a cold and desolate place in the north of Sweden with a Commodore 64 and Koala painter and when I got my hands on a Amiga 500 and DeLuxe paint a whole new world opened up. Now about thirty years later I’m a digital artist using ADOBE Photoshop, Lightroom, a Nikon camera and Blender 3D… I’m still living in that cold and desolate place in the north of Sweden.
    Back in the days I wasn’t much of a gamer more into solving problems, programing and drawing than I was a gamer and that gave me a curiosity for learning new software with ease.
    Working with graphics I strive more to learn new things every day and evolve as an artist than getting a big paycheck or a cool title, I’m satisfied with the title Photoshopgeek that my friends have given me…
    Best regards
    Joergen Resin
    Lulea, Sweden